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» The story

In the year 2023 the most ruthless killers and assassins are genetically enhanced teenagers. They have a super chip implanted in their brains which contains a vast library of information, from speaking in other languages to knowing how to kill. But the human body has its physical limits and one scientist decides to splice with that of a wolf. The smartest and dealiest of predators, they are good with others or by themselves. When one escapes and decides to not follow the orders he has been assigned, there is a major scramble to eliminate him and retrieve the chip back at any cost. The problem is that he can turn into a white wolf, but is easily recognizable by his white hair and white wolf ears. But then a young girl finds him and offers him some food inside her aunts house. The assasin, Ranmari, decides he wants a normal live. Together with his new friend, Mimi, he joines the local Highschool.